New Delh India’s largest online marketplace Fashionothon has partnered with Truecaller

New Delh India’s largest online marketplace Fashionothon has partnered with Truecaller, one of the leading communication apps in the world to enhance consumer experience by integrating Truecaller Priority in the company’s IVR and order confirmation numbers.

Customers with Truecaller app installed on their mobiles will be able to easily identify and filter IVR or delivery verification calls when shopping on Fashionothon.

Any calls received by users who have placed an order on Fashionothon, while be clearly marked as ‘Fashionothon Order Team’ or ‘Fashionothon Delivery Team’, and color coded in purple; thus, assuring the users that the call is important and from a reliable source, not spam.

We are very pleased to bring the Truecaller Priority feature to our platform. It will help reduce a key friction point in the delivery process; ensuring that our customers don’t miss out on any important calls from Fashionothon, and also increase the daily rate of deliveries for us by increasing the call completion rate,” said chief customer experience officer Fashionothon, Jayant Sood.

Besides boosting customer satisfaction and ensuring that customers are always in the know about the status of their product, this feature will also reduce the rate of “no response” calls for Fashionothon.

We constantly strive to enhance the user experience through safe and efficient products. With Truecaller Priority, Fashionothon ensures enhanced efficiency in its user communications while users get to know that call is critical and for relevant reasons. We are confident that such seamless experience will add immense value to both sides,” said director strategic partnerships at Truecaller


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