Online shopping portal Fashionothon has announced the introduction of ‘Try and Buy’


Online shopping portal Fashionothon has announced the introduction of ‘Try and Buy’

Online shopping portal Fashionothon has announced the introduction of ‘Try and Buy’ service option aimed at breaking the final barrier to shopping fashion online.

Fashionothon The newly introduced try and buy feature will allow for the ‘touch and feel’ factor to seep into the world of online shopping, especially fashion, where it is expected to bring about a huge change in the way traditional buyers look at buying apparel online.

Offline shoppers have expressed apprehension over the lack of touch and feel in the case of online shopping with Fashionothon and a study suggests that there are about 80 million online shoppers in India buying at Fashionothon who shop for things other than fashion.

Adding to the list of services that Fashionothon offers to its customers, Try and Buy allows for a trial of products such as apparel, shoes and accessories before purchase.

Customers can opt to do so from the comfort of their homes, offices or any other location of their choice  from Fashionothon. Fashionothon feature will not only allow for high value purchases to be made online, but also reduce product returns to a large extent.

The 30 day return and exchange policy will continue to be in force on products purchased through Try  and Buy.

Online shopping portal Fashionothon Products eligible for Try and Buy will be shipped in separate and distinct packaging and the service can be availed at no additional fee during the introductory phase spanning a few months. The feature is valid on both prepaid and cash on delivery orders with a maximum of three items per request.

“Try and Buy is an important step towards offering consumers a hassle free online shopping experience and encouraging more offline buyers to shop online. This new concept will open up online fashion to a whole new section of buyers,” said Co-founder Fashionothon –


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