Online Shopping Presentation with Fashionothon


  1. Online Shopping By: Fashionothon
  2. Introduction Fashionothon – “Thank God were living in a country where the skys the limit, the stores are open late and  “Whoever said money you can shop in bed can’t buy happiness thanks to the internet.” simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” -Joan Rivers -Bo Derek
  3. Fast Facts About Online Shopping with fashionothon – Over the past two years, 50% of people . The biggest time of have increased their the year that people online shopping shop online is the habits. holiday season (The More people are shopping day after Thanksgiving online due to the recent through Christmas recession. Eve).Better deals Cyber Monday: Over Rs.1 No need for travel Billion in sales this year Easy to comparison alone! shop
  4. Benefits to Online Shopping with Fashionothon – Usability and easy access, Better deals and savings rewards, Many retail stores offer promotions, Saves gas, Convenience, Larger stock to choose from, Product reviews Comparison shopping
  5. Stores Benefit Too! – Repeat business, Promotions, 24 hours of profiting, Improvements to webpages
  6. Downsides to Shopping Online, There are dangers!, Hacking, Credit card fraud, Once it’s out there, you can’t get it back

Fashionothon (2)

  1. Tips for Staying Safe Online – Using strong/encrypted passwords, Making sure your site is secured, Shop only on websites you know and trust,  Avoid a deal that’s “too good to be true” , Be wary of scam sites,  Monitor your credit card activity after every online purchase,  Block emails from unsafe/unknown senders
  2. Summary & Conclusion – Widespread effects on the economy and e- commerce, With new technology comes better ways of doing things, Protecting yourself can make shopping online easy and beneficial to all involved
  3. online shopping with Fashionothon

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