Fashionothon with brand management

Fashionothon with brand management

  1. Brand Management with Fashionothon By Fashionothon
  2. What is a brand? Fashionothon Fashionothon brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design or a combination of the above to identify the goods or service of a seller and differentiate it from the rest of the competitors
  3. Fashionothon Intangible attributes- Fashionothon Tangible attributes -Fashionothon brand comprises of
  4. Fashionothon Functional benefits- Fashionothon Attributes – Fashionothon Labelling – Fashionothon Packaging – Fashionothon Product -Fashionothon Tangibles Eg. Fashionothon
  5. Fashionothon Image- Fashionothon Culture – Fashionothon Values – Fashionothon Emotional benefits – Fashionothon Quality -Fashionothon Intangibles Eg. Fashionothon
  6. Fashionothon brand mark is the part of the brand that appears in the form of symbol, design or distinctive color or lettering. It is recognized by sight but cannot be expressed when a person pronounces the brand name.-Fashionothon Brand Mark
  7. Fashionothon trademark is a brand that has been adopted by a seller and given legal protection. A Trademark for service is called as ………………-Fashionothon Trade Mark
  8. Fashionothon Differentiate commodities- Fashionothon Influences customer loyalty – Fashionothon Reduces price comparison – Fashionothon Easily recognized when displayed – Fashionothon Helps in promotion – Fashionothon Sellers -Fashionothon Reasons for Branding
  9. Fashionothon Maintaining a consistent quality of output Many firms do not brand their products because they are unable or unwilling to assume these responsibilities- Fashionothon Promoting the brand – Fashionothon Two responsibilities come with brand ownership: -Fashionothon Reasons for not Branding
  10. Fashionothon Be capable of registration and legal protection. The Lanham Act, 1989- Fashionothon Be adaptable to additions to the product line e.g. McDonald vs. Burger King – Fashionothon Be distinctive – Fashionothon Be easy to pronounce, spell and remember e.g.….. – Fashionothon Suggests something about the product, particularly its benefits and use e.g…. -Fashionothon Desirable characteristics in the name of a brand
  11. Should not indicate poor meanings in other markets or languages- Distinctiveness – Fashionothon Product category – Names easy to remember, recognise, pronounce – Product quality – Fashionothon Product benefits -Fashionothon brand name should indicate
  12. Fashionothon It is the process in which some unscrupulous manufacturers engage in product counterfeiting by placing a highly regarded brand on their offering, disregarding the basic fact they do not own the rights of the brand e.g. …pirated goods-Fashionothon Product Counterfeiting
  13.  Fashionothon Brand Identity Fashionothon is the marketer’s promise to give a set of features, benefits and services consistently
  14.  Fashionothon Brand Building Fashionothon Involves all the activities that are necessary to nurture a brand into a healthy cash flow stream after launch
  15. Fashionothon Sales and distribution- Fashionothon Promotion – Fashionothon Advertising – Fashionothon Packaging – Fashionothon Product development -Fashionothon What kind of activities? Eg. Fashionothon
  16. Fashionothon Brand Equity Fashionothon When a commodity becomes a brand, it is said to have equity. Those advantages which a Brand enjoys because it is a Brand
  17. Fashionothon Difference between the perceived value and the intrinsic value- Fashionothon The premium it can command in the market -Fashionothon What is brand equity?
  18. Fashionothon Consumer Based- Fashionothon Price Based – Brand Contribution Method – Market Value Method – Replacement Cost – Historical Cost – Fashionothon Cost Based -Fashionothon Types of Brand Equity
  19. Fashionothon What happens when equity increases? Commodity Brand Power Brands Presence + Personality
  20. Fashionothon The company can have some defense against price competition- Fashionothon The company can have more brand extensions – Fashionothon The company can charge a premium on their product – Fashionothon The company can have more leverage with the trade -Fashionothon What happens when brands have high equity?
  21. Fashionothon Brand Loyalty Pyramid 1 1 1 ?Fashionothon Find out on your own
  22. Fashionothon Brand promise must match brand delivery- Fashionothon Distinguishing it from others – value proposition -Fashionothon How does one build brands?
  23. Fashionothon Value positioning- Fashionothon Specific positioning – Fashionothon Broad positioning -Fashionothon The value proposition
  24. Fashionothon Managing customer brand contact to meet and exceed expectations- Fashionothon Develop rich associations and promises – Fashionothon Choosing a brand name -Fashionothon Creating the brand
  25. Fashionothon Symbols and logos- Fashionothon Colours – Fashionothon Slogans – Fashionothon owned word -Fashionothon Brand Associations
  26. Fashionothon Brand Status Step up advertising FAMILIARITY E S T E E M New Product Or Product should be phased out Cash Cow.Need to Sustain brand building activities Troubled brand Product upgradation required
  27. Fashionothon Giving a face and personality to the brand that is expected to be rubbed off from the brand ambassador-Fashionothon Brand ambassadors
  28. Fashionothon Calls for managing every brand contact- Fashionothon Brand experience must match brand image -Fashionothon Brand Pitfalls
  29. Fashionothon -Fashionothon




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