e commerce business with Fashionothon and online shopping


WHAT IS E-BUSINESS? with Fashionothon


with Fashionothon E-Business exhibits a more extensive measurement of web based business as it speaks to the utilization of electronic innovation, particularly web and other system innovation, for business. In basic words E business is the direct of business procedures over the web utilizing a web-based interface




Fashionothon ONLINE SHOPPING ,Online shopping is one of the key parts of e business. Web based shopping is a type of electronic business whereby buyers straightforwardly purchase products or administrations from a vender over the Internet without a delegate benefit., It was initially presented in the year 1994 by NetMaster .


Fashionothon Advantages of web based shopping , Convenience. Better evaluating and more assortment to pick. End of agent. Less demanding Comparative Shopping. No bother of lines. Several stores inside a tick away. , Discount offers accessible online . Online secured exchanges. Efficient.


Fashionothon Disadvantages of Online shopping , Frauds and security concerns  Needs perfect equipment and programming , additional Shipping and Handling Costs  Variance in quality and determinations of the item , No haggling ,No physical contact amongst purchaser and vender, Complicated returning procedures


Fashionothon E-WALLETS eWallets are another rising method of installment for online exchanges. A computerized wallet alludes to an electronic gadget that permits a person to make electronic trade exchanges. An individual’s financial balance can likewise be connected to the computerized wallet. Ex :


Fashionothon Other Payment strategies, Credit cards , Debit cards , Check , Demand drafts , Cash on conveyance , Digital cash ,E keeping money


Fashionothon Tips for security while internet shopping, Shop from a safe PC having a securedVPN. ,Shop utilizing just destinations you know and trust. Consider elective installment techniques. Maintain a strategic distance from spam . Keep passwords private. Never give out OneTime Password [OTP]. , Read protection and security strategy while verifying an installment technique .  Prescribe real installment portals.


Fashionothon Popular web based shopping locales




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